The CASECUBE Project
In 2005 six institutes in Europe and Asia started to develop CASECUBE, a 2-years interprofessional, intercultural, internet-based Master of Science curriculum in Biomedical Engineering.
The traditional Biomedical Engineering curricula do not cover the whole field of Biomedical Engineering. The CASECUBE curriculum will cover a wide field of biomedical engineering by integrating the courses and experience of several existing curricula. The teaching staff of the participating institutes will represent a great variety in expertise.
The traditional Biomedical Engineering curricula are followed by students with mostly the same background, i.e. bachelors with particular types of engineering degrees. The CASECUBE curriculum admits students with different expertise (medical and technical) and with different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Students learn at an early stage to work together with students and teachers of other disciplines in order to solve complex, ill-defined, open-ended problems. Finally, the flexibility of this internet-based curriculum with limited contact hours is advantageous to students that are unable to attend classes on a daily basis.
In July 2006 a first pilot group of 13 students entered the newly developed curriculum. Most of them finished the Master’s curriculum at the end of 2008. With their feedback they contributed to the success of an intercontinental, high quality program in Biomedical Engineering.
In addition to the regular Master of Science program in Biomedical Engineering students:

Due to legal restrictions it is currently not possible to run the CASECUBE curriculum.
When the legal system is changed to deal with the special circumstances of an E-Learning curriculum and when we will have sufficient budget for such a curriculum we will reopen it.

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: A Common ASian European CUrriculum on Biomedical Engineering
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A new 2- years Master of Science curriculum starting in July 2007!
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Biomedical Engineering Illustration CASECUBEBiomedical Engineering Illustration CASECUBEBiomedical Engineering Illustration CASECUBEBiomedical Engineering Illustration CASECUBEBiomedical Engineering Illustration CASECUBE